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December 4, 2020 At TJR Portea & A. Locatelli a beautiful R&W sired by the Premier Sire World Dairy Expo 2019: Cycle McGucci JORDY-RED is FRESH!! You have to remember her name: All.Cast Jordy Just In Time-Red, is one of the special cows we would like to see on the coloured shavings again! Her dam is an VG-87 Lotus *RC daughter of an EX-90 September Storm followed by Fradon Rudolph Jodie - dam to the 1st R&W Mature Cow Madison 2008 & All-American R&W Mature Cow: Fradon Encount Jodie EX-94-CAN 16*. Click further to read more.   Read More

December 4, 2020 A new index round brings us also new chart toppers in the R&W and RED CARRIER GTPI and PTAT rankings. Today it's time for these great rakings op the dominating females in Europe. The influence of the APPLE's is again huge with delivering several offsprings at the partenal sires and maternal line. The #1 R&W PTAT female is a direct daughter of the 'one million dollar cow' KHW Regiment Apple-Red EX-96-USA 4E DOM 28*: Jones La Brasserie Apple Pie E at +3.50 PTAT. Roccafarm Holsteins delivers the #2 PTAT R&W female at +3.47 PTAT. La Brasserie Holstein has several great heifers with an Altitude-Red of Luck-E McGucci Afro EX-93-USA at the 23th spot at +3.01 PTAT and several heifers which are bred by this breeders cooperation. Topping the RED CARRIER PTAT list is the #1 PTAT female in the WORLD: SHG Avalanche Liv *RC at +4.69 PTAT backed by Lottos Atwood Lizette. CCC Someone is the leader at the second spot in the RED CARRIER PTAT list this December 2020 proof at +4.05 PTAT. This Moovin *RC daughter is a grand daughter of the great Walnutlawn McCutchen Summer. Continue reading ...   Read More

December 4, 2020 Europe offers some of the highest Red and White and Red Carrier females in the Holstein breed based on GTPI base. The influance of several foundation cows are significant and dominating in the list, with for example Des-Y-Gen Planet Silk, De Oosterhof DG Rose *RC, Snowbiz Sympatico Sofia-Red, Wilder K25 Red, Sanderij Massia Sneeuwwitje and Cookiecutter Ssire Have. The #1 R&W GTPI female is for the third time in a row for Wilder Holsteins with Ronald *RC daughter Wilder Sophie-Red at +2841 GTPI. She is as well the #3 GTPI Ronald *RC daughter in the World and backed by the Sanderij Massia Sneeuwwitje *RC VG-89-NL family. Furthermore Diamond Genetics has with DG Saphhire *RC, a Twitch daughter from the Snowbiz Sympatico Sofia-Red family, the #5 RED CARRIER GTPI female in Europe this December 2020 run at +2795 GTPI. Continue reading ...   Read More

December 3, 2020 The Spanish bull Favorite-ET came out as the #1 ICO sire in the Spanish system at +5499 ICO. Closely followed by the French bull Pink Floyd at +5486 ICO. At the third spot we find the R&W bull bred by Sanderij: Syman-Red at +5447 ICO. The number one daughter proven bull is this index run Boldi V Gymnast at +4638 ICO followed by Westcoast Guarantee, Pine-Tree Burley, Bomaz AltaTopshot and Westcoast Windmill. The topping bull at the daughter proven list with Spanish owned bulls is Gefri Apolo at +4432 ICO (99% rel.) followed by Julius ET (+4294 ICO) and DG Kingboy Sniper (+4259 ICO). Continue reading ...   Read More

December 3, 2020 Eurogenes is definetely the place to be to be and stay tuned about the latest index releases in Europe and World Wide. Today we like to introduce you the top GTPI / NM$ and PTAT calves, heifers and cows in Europe based on the American GTPI index. This new December 2020 index run bring us a new #1 GTPI in Europe with again a Herioc offspring from Germany breaking the 3000 GTPI at +3026 GTPI. Second is either a Herioc daughter of Boghill & Glamour (UK) at +2983 GTPI and third Boghill Glamour Herioc A Etru (s. Herioc) at +2982 GTPI. Topping the NET MERIT list is again a Herioc offspring backed by the Larcrest Carlin family of again Boghill & Glamour (UK) at +865 NM$. Herioc delivers no less than eight daughters in the top 10 NET MERIT Calves in Europe, unique. The outstanding #1 PTAT female in Europe & either the WORLD is SHG Avalanche Liv *RC again at +4.69 PTAT. She is by far the #1 PTAT female in the breed, second one in the World follows at +0.42 PTAT less. Continue reading...   Read More

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USA | Top 50 GTPI Calves (<9 Months) - 12/20

December 2020
1HODEU000956066787Herioc x Dynamo x Supershot3026
2BOGHILL GLAMOUR HEROIC SK CARHerioc x Skywalker x Superhero2983
3BOGHILL GLAMOUR HEROIC A ETRUHerioc x Achiever x Dancer2982
4DE OOSTERHOF 3STAR REEVESTARRiveting x Granite x Rubicon2944
5BOGHILL GLAMOUR HEROIC P CARLHerioc x Perseus x Supershot2943
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