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6 de diciembre de 2023 The Dutch gNVI indexes just came in and are ONLINE available. This December 2023 index run, the Animal Evaluation Unit of Cooperative CRV will adjust the calculation of genomic breeding values. The new calculation model ensures higher reliability of the genomic breeding values. In average, reliability increases by 11 percent. The reliability of the NVI increases by 9 percent. The increase is sometimes even greater for individual bulls. Functional traits as livability, udder health and claw health in particular benefit from the new calculation. The #1 B&W Genomic sire this run is Ridercup son Tigerwoods at +400 gNVI. He is followed by the Rover son who ranks also high in Germany: Real Syn at +399 gNVI and making the Top 3 complete with Vh Sitron at +393 gNVI. Click further for more info.   Leer más

6 de diciembre de 2023 With DG Castillo 3061, Diamond Genetics has broken the magical barrier of +3000 GTPI, PP and BB & A2A2. The first bull in Europe and only three bulls worldwide which combine this unique combination of GTPI and homozygous polled! Click here to view the complete profile.   Leer más

5 de diciembre de 2023 Hurtgenlea Richard CHARL son: Genosource Captain again tops the International GTPI index! Captain added 1068 daughters to his US-index this December 2023 run and increased his GTPI to +3253 GTPI (+69). He combines +3253 GTPI with +1317 NM$ and +2474kgM! He is followed by Farnear Upside (s. Charl) at the 2nd spot with +3112 GTPI! At the third spot we find Ladys-Manor Outcome at +3078 GTPI! New chart topper in the GTPI ranking with all bulls >12 months with NAAB-code is Beyond Overdo Hardin at +3280 GTPI. He is followed by Ocd Fugleman Radical at +3254 GTPI and making the Top 3 complete with Genosource Captain at +3253 GTPI. Furthermore at the 27th spot we find Captain son DG Tiq Taq @ Cogent at +3218 GTPI in combination with +1213 NM$ and +1.32 PTAT. Click further for more info.   Leer más

5 de diciembre de 2023 The new indexes from Canada just came in! The #1 gLPI Genomic Sire this run is T-Spruce Ethan at +3923 gLPI. A shared second spot for Progenesis Punch and Progenesis Peyto at both +3923 gLPI. Topping in the Conformation Genomic ranking are Progenesis Aneesh and Black Silver M5085 at both +18 Conformation! They are followed by Lindt, Leggett, Luxury, Hothouse, Bakul, Black Silver 35080 and Blondin Crossover at +17 Conformation. The #1 Daughter Proven Conformation sire this run is Black Silver Crushabull Stan at +16 Conformation. He is followed by Sidekick, Crown Royal and Golden-Oaks Master at +14 Conformation! Click further for more info.   Leer más

5 de diciembre de 2023 The indexes of Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Sweden, Finland) are ONLINE available now!! The top 2 remains the same this run. The highest NTM genomic sire in this December 2023 proof is again Mecanico at still +47 NTM and at the 2nd spot VH Karat *RC at +44 NTM. Dixon is debuting as the #3 NTM at +43 NTM. We find DG Space at the 6th spot this run at +38 NTM, he has a shared 6th spot together with AltaRegulu, Forward, Manchin, VH Salero and VH Shuba P. Click further for more info.   Leer más

New leaders in the Swiss index! 5 de diciembre de 2023

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1DG JANNA325312751.10
2GO FARM BYRONY ET322812901.12
4GO FARM BRUNA ET320212831.22
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