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24 août 2019 There are two exciting additional lots in the Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale. First one are from a mixed flush by Denovo VALUE & Ocd Pinnacle DIESEL from the great Anderstrup Ramos Camill *BY EX-90-DK family. Donor is a Silverridge V IMAX daughter with a top NVI index: +360 gNVI / +408 INET / +933 Lifetime / +2008 Milk / +92 Fat. Your chance to create the next chart topper from this amazing family. The other additional lot are embryos from DG OH Doble *RC x HET Styx Gazelle *RC. A Styx-Red daughter from the Diepenhoek Rozelle family with a very correct GTPI index: +2387 GTPI / +610 NM$ / 4.3% SCE / +2.4 DPR / +1.57 UDC / +0.21 Teat length. 
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23 août 2019 We received snapshots of the heifers selling in the 2. MOX-Weekend taking place this weekend (24 - 25 August) @ Mox-Holsteins, Germany. Their is something for everybody with heifers, cows & embryos selling from the very best cow families around the globe. Make sure you don't miss this great event tomorrow. Click further for the pricelist & some snapshots of the incredible heifers selling in this TAG-Sale.   En Lire Plus

23 août 2019 Set of your sights! This wonderful bull Bouw CHIEF (s. Danno) increased his gNVI score to >300 gNVI with this August release 100 daughters in production. This Danno son is a grand son of the bull dam Bouw Goldwyn Femmy EX-90-UK. Femmy delivered many bulls for A.I. with for example: Bouw Snowfever, Bouw Snowflake & Bouw Snowflast. She is also the grand dam to Bouw Rocky, the former #1 RZG Shamrock son in the breed! Also the former #1 IES daughter proven sire Bouw Finder, who showed a great progeny group at the National NRM-Show end June, is from this amazing family. Click further for more info.   En Lire Plus

23 août 2019 The Online Embryo Sale has been launched a few minutes ago. This sale offers the best genetics from the very best cow families around the globe. With for example: Sidekick embryos from the Grand Champion HHH-Show 2014 & 2015: Marie 356 EX-92-NL, FEMALE Crusthime from the DARLING's, FEMALE Doorman from Bons-Holsteins Koba EX-90-SW - a family member to Koba 219 EX-94-NL, early Master embryos from the dam of ARISTOCRAT (+2800 GTPI // +2.67 PTAT): Al-Lew Monterey Ashley VG-89-USA EX-MS and many more herdbuilding packages starting at 75 EUR / embryo. Click further for the full catalog.   En Lire Plus

22 août 2019 It seemed to be the April 2019 index of Solitair P was used in the top ranking GTPI R&W bulls. With this little correction OH DG Rubels-Red is again the #1 R&W GTPI bull in the breed!! This outstanding Agro *RC son @ ABS is a son from OH DG Rubellia VG-86-NL 2yr. and traces back to the popular Rainyridge Mr Burns Eara *RC EX-92-CAN! RUBELS-RED his dam is a sister to the heavily used ALASKA-RED @ AI-Total. A great branch of the Rainyridge Tony Beauty EX-CAN 3E 10* that guarantees the best for the R&W breed after and after. RUBELS-RED provides a top profil with: +2694 GTPI // +862 NM$ // +2.69 PTAT // +2.53 UDC // +1175 Milk // +0.16% Fat // +0.06% Protein // 2.78 SCS & +6.7 PL!! Click further for the complete R&W GTPI index list.   En Lire Plus

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