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Beeze Judy 64

(Taskforce P Red x Simax x Esperanto)

One of the highest *RC Taskforce P Red daughters in the Dutch system at +376 gNVI (12/22)


Beeze Holsteins
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Reg No.



August 8, 2022

Genomic Result

NL 12/22 Type +112 / NVI +376


  • Here she is! One of the highest *RC gNVI heifers in the Netherlands at +376 gNVI! (12/22)
  • She scores great in her Dutch index: +376 gNVI in rare combination of +112 Type and +111 Udders
  • 3rd dam, Beeze Judy 45 VG-85-NL, is maternal sister to Kajudy *P @ NOG
  • 4th dam is sister to Dertour-Red @ RSH - Former #1 dtr proven RZG R&W bull in Germany
  • Same family as Ashlar @ Semex
  • 8 generations VG- or EX-dams in her pedigree!
  • Backed by Converse Judy EX-93 and further developed at Beeze Holsteins!!


Delta Taskforce P Red
Beeze Judy 57 GP-83-NL 2yr.
2.02 305d 10.090kgM 4.3% 432F 3.4% 346P
  • Great 2yr. old with a huge milkproduction!
Beeze Judy 52
2.00 305d 9.675kgM 4.16%F 3.33%P (proj)
  • Top Dutch index: +256 NVI / +133 Milk / +0.43%F / +0.30%P / +107 Type / +110 F&L / +228 INET/
  • 571 Lifetime / +104 Udders!! (12/20)
Beeze Judy 45 VG-85-NL VG-87-MS 2yr.
1.10 275d 9.273kgM 4.5% 421F 3.5% 325P
1.10 305d 9.982kgM 4.5%F 3.6%P (proj)
  • Full sister to one of the former highest RED CARRIER Finders in the breed!
  • Different sire stack: Finder x Bookem x Malvoy x Bacculum!
  • Maternal sister to Kajudy *P @ NOG

Next Dams

4th Beeze Judy 9 *RC VG-86-NL VG-88-MS 3yr.
5th Morningview RUW Bertha VG-87-NL 2yr.
6th Morningview Baculum Bonnie RC VG-89-USA EX-MS
7th Morningview Capri Jaden VG-87-USA 4yr. GMD DOM
8th Morningview Aaron Juco VG-88-USA 3yr. GMD DOM
9th Morningview Mnfd Jabber VG-86-USA GMD DOM
10th Morningview Converse Judy EX-93-USA GMD DOM
11th Morningview Aerostar Jix VG-87-USA 5YR
12th Walnutt Knoll Judy VG-87-USA GMD DOM
13th Walnutt-Knoll Rorae Jenny EX-91-USA GMD DOM
14th Lynnberry Gem VG-89-USA

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