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Beeze Oldleus Gloria P Red

(Nippon P x Jacuzzi-Red x Mission P *RC)

Lovely +272 gNVI Nippon P heifer!


Beeze Holsteins
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Reg No.



July 28, 2021

Genomic Result

NL 12/22 Type +103 / NVI +272


  • POLLED and Red & White Nippon P daughter from the Molenkamp Grietje cow family.
  • She scores in her Dutch index +272 gNVI with +103 Type. (12/22)
  • Her dam is the former #44 R&W gNVI heifer: Beeze Oldleus Gracie P Red
  • 2nd dam is Beeze Oldleus Gaby PP Red, she is a R&W Homozygote POLLED Mission P daughter
  • 3rd dam was the Topseller Vost Select Sale 3 for 16.000EUR!
  • RZG Gwen P Red VG-89-NL was 3rd at the National HHH-Show '15 and was sold for 15.000EUR


Beeze Oldleus Gracie-P-Red
Glen-Toctin SLOCUM
Beeze Oldleus Gaby PP Red
2.01 305d 10.461kgM 4.4% 460F 3.4% 352P
Vekis NH DG Gerdy *RC *PP GP-NL 2yr.
2.05 364d 10.453kgM 4.2% 442F 3.7% 390P
3.06 294d 11.645kgM 4.0% 461F 3.8% 438P
  • Believed to be the former #1 HOMOZYGOUS POLLED Heifer (B&W Base)
  • Topseller Vost Select Sale 3 for € 16.000

Next Dams

4th RZH Gwen-P Red VG-89-NL
5th Molenkamp Grietje 111 *RC VG-85-NL VG-88-MS 2yr.
6th Molenkamp Grietje 48 VG-86-NL 2yr.
7th Molenkamp Grietje 28 RC VG-89-NL
8th Molenkamp Grietje 23 RC VG-87-NL
9th Molenkamp Grietje 13 RC VG-85-NL - Lifetime: 110.000kgM & 10.000kg F+P
10th Molenkamp Grietje 8

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