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Beeze Oldleus Maryam

(Gladius x Gymnast x Shep)

Great Gladius daughter at +154 RZG from Melody VG-87-NL 2yr.


Beeze Holsteins
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Reg No.



December 27, 2021

Genomic Result

DE 12/22 RZE +128 / RZM +138 / RZG +154
NL 12/22 Type +103 / NVI +330


  • Great Gladius daughter straight out of Veelhorst Vekis Melody VG-87-NL VG-88-MS 2yr.
  • Maternal sister to Beeze Oldleus Maya (s. Copyright) - Sold for 9.400 EUR @ Sonderkollektion '21
  • Great German index: +154 RZG with +128 RZE and +138 RZM (12/22)
  • Great sire stack: Gladius x Gymnast x Shep x BS HS Balisto Marylin Monroe VG-86-DE 2yr.
  • Marylin Monroe VG-86-DE 2yr. was the topseller at the German Masters Sale '14 for 84.000EUR
  • PROTEIN is the trademark for this family!!
  • Dam is sister to NH County Milo VG-86-DE 2yr. - 1st place RUW Färsenschau 2019


Veelhorst Vekis Melody VG-87-NL VG-88-MS 2yr.
2.04 305d 10.736kgM 4.9% 529F 3.7% 402P
  • +144 RZG Gymnast grand dtr of Marilyn Monroe! (08/21)
  • Great GERMAN index: +127 RZE // 116 RZN // +756 Milch // +0.45%F // +0.15%P (08/21)
NH Sunview Shep Mercy
  • One of the highest RZG Shep daughters in the breed! (08/16)
  • Multiple brothers in AI in different test systems
Roylane Sglass SHEP 6941-ET
NH HS Balisto Marilyn Monroe VG-86-DE 2yr.
La1 305d 11.656kgM 5.6% 657F 4.1% 483P!!
  • >4 years in a row the #1 RZG heifer or cow in Germany!!
  • >13 sons in A.I.
  • Topseller German Masters Sale 2014 for 84.000 EUR
  • Huge producing 2yr. old! 4.1% PROTEIN!!

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8th Caps Mairy VG-87-NL VG-89-MS 2yr.
9th Agriprize Muffin GP-USA 2yr.
10th Jo-Wal Meg VG-86-USA DOM
11th Jo-Wal Cleitus Macey VG-87-USA GMD DOM
12th Jo-Wal Bell May VG-85-USA GMD DOM
13th Jo-Wal Valiant Millie VG-85-USA

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