Biggelo again the chart topper in Canada!!

He is this run again the #1 LPI bull in Canada: S-S-I Delroy BIGGELO, this outstanding number 1 notes +3697 LPI. 58 points above the number 2 in the Genomic bulls list: Peak Fscntr ALTAGLOW with +3639 LPI. Furthermore we find the former #3 S-S-I Pr Renegade at place 4 with +3617 LPI. The domestic daughter proven LPI list is lead by Benner Bardo with +3491 LPI closely followed by Silverstream Porter with +3471 LPI. The top Conformation bulls this August '19 run are Tappenvale Moment & the RED CARRIER Lindenright Moovin *RC with both +19 Conformation. The former #1 TYPE bull Walnutlawn Skyhigh, we find now at place 3 with +18 Conf. Also Col DG Crushtime possess the 5th place with again +17 for Conformation.

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