The CHRISTMAS @ JK Eder TAG+ Sale has started today through the SALE WEBSITE - CLICK HERE

CHRISTMAS @ JK Eder TAG Sale 2020

Start:  Wednesday 23. December (TODAY)
Closing:   Wednesday 30. December 09:00 PM (Dutch Time)
Sale Method: Online TAG+ Sale method

Click here for more information about the sale method


Lot 1. JK Eder DG Silly 5 VG-87-NL 2yr.

Lot 3. JK Eder DG Sidekick Esmeralda

Lot 5. JK Eder DG Thunder Storm Elia

Lot 6. JK Eder Undenied Eliza (A2A2)

Lot 8. JK Eder DG Dance 4

Lot 10. JK Eder DG Undenied Elicia N.C.

Lot 11. JK Eder DG Sidekick Elicia

Lot 12. JK Eder Jordy Roxinne Red

Lot 16. JK Eder DG Elly 2 (A2A2)

Lot 18. JK Eder DG Sillian 11 VG-88-NL VG-89-MS (MAX) 2yr.

Lot 19. JK Eder DG Carf Emeraude 2

Lot 20. JK Eder DG Esmeralda 9

Lot 24. JK Eder Evalyn 1

Lot 25. JK Eder DG Carmen 8 (A2A2)

Lot 26. JK Eder DG Carmen 10

Lot 27. 1st Choice FEMALE: JK Eder DG Brylis or JK Eder DG Brianna (picture)

Lot 28. JK Eder Hoine 6

Lot 30. JK Eder DG Emeraude 6

Lot 31. JK Eder Edrea

Lot 35. Hul-Stein Flossie

Lot 36. 1st Choice FEMALE: JK DG Seline 1 (picture) or JK DG Seline 2

Lot 40. GAH Olga des Grilles

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JK Eder Holsteins
Oudendijk 75
Woudrichem, Netherlands
4285 WJ
Phone: +31 (0)183-301226
Email: jankolff@planet.nl

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