German RZG rankings ONLINE: SANO the new #1!

Germany is the first today with the newest bull publications. The new #1 RZG bull in the genomic interbull list is SANO, a Sonic son with +165 RZG. His dam Rhala EX DG Jacy is sold through the German Masters Sale 2016 and bred by Diamond Genetics & Rhala. Chilton rises to place 2 in the list with still +164 RZG. CROWNMAX keeps impressing with +163 RZG at place 6. This Imax son impresses with >1600 Milk & +156 RZM and is bred by Hul-Stein. In the top 15 RZG bulls is DG Charley again leaving his mark with delivering 4 sons!! In the top RZG R&W list is Solitair P still leading the Interbull Genomic list with +162 RZG. Second in this list is the heavily used Wescoast Swingman with +159 RZG. Col DG Spark-Red is also again topping in this list with +156 at place 6. The Anreli son Andy-Red notes +155 RZG at place 9.


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