Online Embryo Sale OPEN for bidding

The Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale just opened for bidding. Take adventage and bid last on the great lots selling. With for example: Female Blondin Tower-Red / Trent-Way-JS Rompen-Red embryos out of the +3.20 PTAT / +10 Conformation Warrior-Red daughter: FG Warrior Alicia-Red VG-87-DE 2yr., she is going back to the KHW Regiment Apple-Red EX-96-USA cow family, Female Farnear Delta-Lambda embryos out of PTAT giant HC Archrival Arianne VG-89-NL EX-MS 4yr. (MAX), TOP RZG embryos from the German Wilder K family: THI Shout *RC (+159 RZG / +318 NVI) out of Wilder Kayden-Red (+156 RZG / +338 NVI), Female Bullseye embryos out of the very promising JK Eder DG Carmen 10 VG-88-NL VG-88-MS 2yr., Female Stgen Doral-Red embryos out of Wilcor Attraction O'Kina-Red VG-86-NL VG-87-MS 2yr., and many herdbuilding packages. 

Auction closes Friday, January 27, 2023 (21:00 / 09:00 p.m. - Dutch Time = CEST)

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FEMALE Blondin TOWER-RED / Trent-Way-Js ROMPEN-RED x FG Warrior Alicia-Red VG-87-DE 2yr.
Full sister to FG Applestar-Red VG-86-IT 2yr. - 1st International Dairy Show Cremona '22

THI SHOUT *RC x Wilder Kayden-Red
Top RZG embryos from the German Wilder K family!

FEMALE Mb-Luckylady BULLSEYE x JK Eder DG Carmen 10 VG-88-NL VG-88-MS 2yr.
She is the maternal sister to the 2x Grand Champion as 2yr. old: JK DG Carmen 5 VG-89-NL 2yr. (MAX)

FEMALE Mr. Blondin WARRIOR-RED x De Wildsheuvel Aubergine *RC
Great Altitude-Red grand daughter to KHW Regiment Apple-Red EX-96-USA

FEMALE Butz-Butler Atwood BRADY x Mws Dusk Ashlyn 979-Red VG-85-NL 2yr.
Great grand daughter to Tri-Day Ashlyn EX-96-USA!

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