Real syn again the #1 B&W RZG Genomic sire at +171 RZG!

The German indexes are now online available at Eurogenes! Topping the B&W RZG Interbull Genomic ranking is again Rover son Real Syn at +171 RZG! He is followed by Vivify at +165 RZG and making the stage complete with Rome at +164 RZG! A shared first spot in the R&W Interbull Genomic ranking for Redford (s. Ranger-Red), Borax-Red (s. Freestyle-Red), CR 7 P (s. Cartoon P), Skyliner (s. Sputnik *RC) and Handout P (s. Hugo PP *RC) at +162 RZG. Furthermore a shared spot for DV DG Rammstein-Red @AI-Total and DG Maserati-Red @AI-Total at both +158 RZG! A new leader in the B&W RZG Interbull daughter proven ranking with Ginetta at +157 (+3) RZG. He is followed by AltaZarek at +153 RZG and a shared 3rd spot for Matchup, Woody, Tampa, Commitment, AltaZazzle and Kudos at +152 RZG!



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