VIDEO - Illustrator *RC embryos of Jacuzzi EX-93 her dtr!!

Imagine yourself one of the best R&W 'TYPE' breeders around the GLOBE and fur sure you'll think about Luck-E Holsteins in Hampshire (llinois), United States. All offsprings showing us the quality of the Luck-E herd either it is the Luck-E Advent Atlanta EX-94-USA, Luck-E Advent Asia EX-94-USA, Luck-E Advent Kandie-Red EX-95-USA or Luck-E Ladd Jubillee-Red *P EX-93-USA. One of Jublilee's her best daughters is for sure: Luck-E Awesome Jacuzzi-Red EX-93-USA 4yr. - the 1st Sr. 3-Yr Old All-American R&W Show 2019 and one of the highest genomic POLLED cows in the breed: +2.55 PTAT (04/21). Her showy Altitude-Red (not available in Europe) daughter has FEMALE Vogue ILLUSTRATOR P *RC (+2.88 PTAT / +12 Conf.) embryos for sale! Imagine what a big cross: 100% R&W offsprings that combines the greatest R&W cow families together: Calbrett Kingboy Mirand P EX-93-CAN and Luck-E Ladd Jubilee-Red EX-93-USA, which guarantees you either a top ranking in the POLLED, R&W PTAT rankings. You're chance to get something from this special family as lot 4 in the Online Embryo Sale!

FEMALE Vogue ILLUSTRATOR P *RC x Luck-E Altitude Jess-Red >> CLICK HERE

  • Direct daughter of: Luck-E Awesome Jacuzzi-Red EX-93-USA 4yr.

Dam to Luck-E Altitude Jess-Red: Luck-E Awesome Jacuzzi-Red EX-93-USA 4yr. - 11th generation EXCELLENT!
1.11 305d 10.686kgM 4.30%F 3.50%P
3.01 305d 11.126kgM 3.90%F 3.50%P

  • 1st place Senior 3-Yr Old All-American R&W Show 2019
  • Top placed Senior 3-Yr Old World Dairy Expo 2019
  • Sold for $30,000 in the Best of Luck-E Sale 2019
  • One of highest genomic TYPE cows in the breed: +2.55 PTAT / +2.24 UDC (04/21)

Dam Luck-E Awesome Jacuzzi: Luck-E Ladd Jubilee-Red *P EX-93-USA

  • 1st. Jr. 2yr. Old 2yr. & HM Int. Champion Midwest Spring National R&W Show '15
  • 10th generation EXCELLENT

Some of the other great R&W or RED CARRIER cows from Luck-E Holsteins:

Luck-E Advent Kandie-Red EX-95-USA - Senior, Best Udder & Res. R&W Grand Champion World Dairy Expo 2014

Advent-Red x Luck-E Rubens Kaylie *RC EX-92-USA GMD x Luck-E Royal Klassy EX-94-USA GMD x Luck-E Command Karlyn EX-94-USA 2E

Luck-E Advent Atlanta EX-94-USA EX-96-MS 2E
Advent-Red x Luck-E Blitz Australia VG-87 GMD DOM x Luck-E Skychief Arizona EX-90 GMD DOM x Hart-Lyn Starbuck Ashley EX-94

  • Grand dam to Loh TJ Alessja EX-92-DE La3. - Grand Champion Schau der Besten & German Dairy Show 2019

Luck-E Advent Asia EX-94-USA 2E
Advent-Red x Luck-E Blitz Australia VG-87 GMD DOM x Luck-E Skychief Arizona EX-90 GMD DOM x Hart-Lyn Starbuck Ashley EX-94

  • Dam to: Luck-E AWESOME-RED @ ST & Luck-E ADONIS-RED @ Semex

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