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It are the final days of the Diamond Genetics Summer Sale - Online Tag+, which will finish on Saturday, June the 8th. The heifers Lot 01 untill Lot 25 are all located at Diamond Genetics, Wijhe, the Netherlands. It is possible to visit Diamond Genetics June the 7th from 05.00 p.m. untill 10.00 p.m. (Dutch Time) and June the 8th from 10.00 a.m. untill 04.00 p.m. (Dutch Time) to inspect the sale heifers.

Diamond Genetics
Bremmelerstraat 8
8131 PK Wijhe, the Netherlands

Diamond Genetics Summer Sale - Online Tag+
Start: Monday June the 3rd 2024 10.00 a.m. (Dutch Time)
Ending: Saturday June the 8th 2024 05.00 p.m. (Dutch Time)

Lot 01. DG Bonica P

Lot 03. DG Hedda

Lot 05. DG Lovestory

Lot 06. DG DGF Travels *RC

Lot 07. DG Rupetta P Red

Lot 09. DG Advantage *RC

Lot 10. DG Ofra

Lot 11. DG Ossie

Lot 12. DG Jaimy *RC

Lot 13. DG Jadore *RC

Lot 14. DGF Sicilly P

Lot 15. DG Stupor

Lot 16. DG Calrose

Lot 17. DG Abrielle

Lot 19. DG Abene Red

Lot 20. DG Silke *RC

Lot 21. DG Azzopardi Bianca *RC

Lot 22. DG Azimat P *RC

Lot 23. DG Leeto


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Diamond Genetics
Wijhe, Netherlands
8131 PK
Phone: +31 (0)570 589900
Web Site: http://www.diamondgenetics.nl
Email: info@diamond-genetics.nl

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